PYC Wheelchair Upholstery

Branding & Identity, Digital Design, Packaging Design
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About This Project

PYC is a custom wheelchair upholstery start-up in the Midlands that required a new brand identity. The brand they had looked unapproachable and it lacked a consistent style across all medias.  


Once PYC had set up the brief, identified their market position and set their goals within the disability space we got to work creating a brand new identity for them.


Something PYC lacked was a strong, defining colour scheme and their own visual style. The new brand helps PYC become a recognisable brand within their market, helping them to become a major player. With a new logo, website and printed media such as business cards, leaflets and magazine advertisements we made it much easier for them to gain new customers. I also created the online social media presence and the necessary assets and post templates.


In addition to the branding and the literature creation, PYC required a range of coherent packaging for some of their best selling products to attempt to get their wares in shops. Taking a similar visual style as the rest of the brand, the packaging was designed to be simple to use and manufacture. There was also an element of consolidation to this project – allowing multiple types of product to be used a single (where possible) type of packaging.