Glowr - Driving Aid

Product Design
consumer, design, diving aid, product, rendering, visualisation
About This Project

The brief was to address the spiralling cost of young driver car insurance. Before any design work began observational studies and questionnaires were utilised to gain a better understand of the real issues involved.


“After a driver passes their test they rarely receive any form of tuition on their driving”


Once basic research was complete the project was able to move on to generating concepts and possible solutions. It soon became clear that the concept was going to be a mix of service design and product design.


The device was designed to work within a cloud based peer-2-peer system between a group of friends or housemates. Their insurance details and driving habits could be seen by each member of the group and poor driving by any of the members resulted in a raise in premiums for all drivers.


Each user is assigned an accelerometer equipped HUD device that gives instant feedback on their driving upon the windscreen and graphically displays the correlation between the G-load measured and the danger that this puts the drivers at.  


While there are similar black box systems already available, they work in the background. They are a mystery. Allowing the user to see the effects of their driving instantly they can learn quickly what may increase their risk of consequences meaning the user can work with the system instead of being ‘kept in the dark’ about the results it is recording.