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About This Project


A quick Google of desktop air purifiers reveals they seem to have been left behind in the current trend of simple, beautiful almost primitive forms. Think of the Beats Pill and Amazon Echo, they are real simple and effortlessly merge with their environment.


The form is carefully considered to provide a visual language that allows people to intuitively know what the product is and what it does. The top trumpet form both visually details that something exits from this area while being fully functional dispersing the air wider. The internals of this product was also fully detailed including a HEPA filter, turbine, motor, all the necessary seals and the power requirements such as a USB port and on/off button.


This desktop air purifier was taken from rough form sketches all the way to it’s environmentally responsible packaging design.


Design for manufacture was also important. What is the point of creating beautiful forms if they cannot be manufactured? Designing in the requirements for injection moulding at this stage prevents costly and project-pivoting changes later on when it comes to tooling up for the parts.