Freelance product & packaging designer in Birmingham

I’m Mike Rose and I create things from ideas that help sell products and tell stories.


I’m able to give fast paced growth-centric startups the flexibility and adaptability for them the thrive but also a process that is stable and effective enough for larger businesses and all scales of production

And this is what I do

Problem Solving & Exploration

This is the name of the game and this is why I’m here and what I live for. I love to solve all kinds of problems. Broad market insight? New product? Prototype? Illustrations for instructions? And the rest…

Product & Industrial Design

I’ll cover the design stages from the first sketches up to and including manufacturing support. I can jump into your project at any stage or I can do it all.

ninth dot packaging design

Packaging Design & Artworking

From structural packaging design to single-print flat bag cutter guides I’ll carry your brand through perfectly. I’ll even lay up your artwork!

So, who’ll benefit?

If you’re a startup or an inventor you need a design process that fits seamlessly within you tight timescales and limited budget – you have enough work on your hands already. I usually help startups like yours during the concept ideation stage, concept development stage or the prototyping stages.


Established businesses and brands, like startups, need a design process that works with their plans, budgets and expectations. However, established brands will also benefit in ways such as expanding or refreshing a current product line, solving problems with a fresh perspective or perhaps I could take some load of your already stretched design team.

A little more detail

Everyone knows the design stage is important to any project, it’s where ideas come to life and perhaps open investment doors that were not open to you before. Good design tells the story and allows people to believe in your product or service and how it’s going to benefit them.


Design covers quite a lot though, there are many smaller sections within design. I cover:

Problem Solving & Exploration

Persona Creation

Personas help you aim your products at specific groups of people based on their attributes and behaviours.

Pain Point & Scenario Identification

Problems need to be identified based on human interaction. How does the problem happen? Why?

Blue Sky Thinking

A new approach that could make your product something great.

Market Research

Before, during and after your project, market research helps your product really find and solve it's users core needs.

Product & Industrial Design

Product Design

I work a range of markets including consumer products, lighting, toys and quite a lot in between.

New Product Development

Developing your new product idea into something tangible and beyond.

Colour, Material & Finish Design (CMF)

Innovative use of CMF can transform how users link with an object and judge it's perceived value.


Development takes a good project and makes it great or it can pick up where you left off.

2D & 3D CAD

CAD is a vital step toward making your idea a reality and is extremely useful in many cases.

Visualisation & Rendering

Renders, animations, illustrations and exploded diagrams can greatly improve your credibility by helping explain your idea simply and effectively to an investor or focus group.


I'll create anything from a basic mechanism to a fully painted final 3D printed prototype using the most appropriate methods and materials.

Design For Manufacture (DFM)

We design a product for manufacture from the very start and in turn it saves cost, time and unexpected design changes in the future.


Your idea needs to work. And work well. User testing and product testing are vital to any project.

Packaging Design & Artworking


All types of packaging design including successful designs for tech products, bottled goods or food safe wraps.

Full Process

Cut out the middlemen. From concept to bulk production and all in-between


Got graphics designed elsewhere? We'll lay them up to keep things coherent.

Mock Ups & 3D Visulisation

Naturally part of my process but I can also mock up/CAD your ideas to assess their viability.

Cutter Guides

Bringing your sketch to the production table. I'll interpret your designs and create fully workable production guides.

Structural Packaging

I will create structurally strong, brand aware protective packaging for your product.

Ready when you are

Want a little more information? Or maybe you’re ready to get something in motion.